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The insights provided by PowerTrakker are very powerful. However, to get the most from the software, you need to take action.

PowerTrakker has provided first-class monitoring from our California-based center since 2008. Adding monitoring allows PowerTrakker to truly become an out-of-the-box, autonomous solution. When a vehicle requires attention or our software detects a problem, we’ll proactively address the situation to make it right. PowerTrakker representatives can:

  • Contact the vehicle operator

  • Notify on-site staff

  • Alert first responders and law enforcement

  • Take remote action if needed

  • Document and report violations

PowerTrakker is the most efficient vehicle Trakking software available.

No large equipment installation

You’re only charged for the vehicles you track

 Power Trakker’s monitoring service reduces your staffing needs.

Run a safer, more efficient and more
profitable course with PowerTrakker.

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