The PowerTrakker Mobile App

Golf Cart Tracking, Plus So Much More

Running your most profitable golf course

isn’t just about drawing players and giving them a great experience. It’s also about protecting your assets. Old-school tracking systems are limited in what they can accomplish, and they often require difficult installations.

PowerTrakker eliminates the need for bulky hardware while providing real-time golf cart tracking to protect your assets from theft and damage. Plus, it helps you improve operations by allowing you to manage pace-of-play, track inventory, monitor maintenance information, and more.

Now, with the PowerTrakker mobile app, you can get a complete picture of your course, staff, and players — regardless of the equipment being used.

Why the App is a Must-have Addition to PowerTrakker

Many frequent visitors to golf courses – especially in retirement communities – bring their own golf carts. With traditional systems, because you can’t attach devices to their carts, it’s difficult to geolocate players as they move through the course. That means you can’t manage pace of play, identify bottlenecks, or give just-arriving customers a fair expectation of how busy the course is.

Beyond that, the PowerTrakker mobile app enables you to deliver a higher level of service and increase your profits. Here’s how:

Give Your Players the Best Possible Experience

  • Know the location of players who choose to walk the course or bring their own cart

  • Take food and beverage orders from beyond the clubhouse

  • Send unique offers and special promotions to players on the course

  • Notify players of important information such as hazards

  • Give golfers digital scorecards, real-time distance to green, and one-touch communication to the pro shop or restaurant

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Higher Profits — Protect Your Golf Course Assets

Combined with the original PowerTrakker system,

the PowerTrakker mobile app enables you to monitor everyone on your golf course, all your golf carts, and all your other equipment like mowers — without having to divert staff from their regular duties.

How? PowerTrakker comes with a subscription-based monitoring service. In other words, we track your equipment, contact vehicle operators, and resolve issues so you don’t have to.

You can save thousands every year by preventing golf cart theft and rogue employee joyrides.

Plus, you can:

  • Increase maintenance efficiency by tracking vehicle battery hours and keeping the ideal ratio of available and in-maintenance golf carts

  • Track vehicles outside the golf course — anywhere in the world that has LTE or GSM cellular technology.

  • Pull each cart’s path history to show what areas of the course are getting the most wear and tear.

  • Provide evidence to law enforcement of an attempted cart theft.

With PowerTrakker and the PowerTrakker mobile app, you will know where all your vehicles are at all times – and that includes carts and maintenance vehicles – as well as privately owned customer vehicles.

With this real-time data and our external monitoring service, you will protect your assets, increase profits, reduce theft and damage, and deliver a better and more rewarding player experience.

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