Protect People, Protect Assets,

Live without Boundaries

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  • Secure Your Assets with instant alerts and the ability to track stolen vehicles for fast recovery.

  • Remotely disable vehicles to quickly take proactive measures.
  • Crash Detection. You’ll be alerted immediately if a collision is detected. Maintain peace of mind and respond right away if an emergency should occur.

  • Receive automatic Notifications based on preset rules, customized to your preferences. Know when your teen strays too far.

  • Send notifications to operators to warn of pre-set boundaries or hazards, or provide other critical information.

  • Monitor on the go via a tablet or laptop.

  • Improve Maintenance by tracking vehicle usage directly on the app.

  • Long-lasting Internal Backup Battery keeps PowerTrakker running long after the vehicle’s battery is removed or fails.

  • Operates on the latest LTE cellular technology so you can monitor your vehicle without boundaries – anywhere in the world with the latest LTE cellular technology.

Adventure Safely

Whether it’s a weekend away or an afternoon of play, with PowerTrakker you can let your family know the location of your solo adventure, or keep tabs on your teenagers as they explore distant trails. Detect crashes, track location, monitor battery levels and set boundaries from anywhere.

Monitor Risky Activity

Let someone borrow your car? Anxious about your kids going for a joy ride while you’re out of town? Or do you just want to foster good driving habits and have peace-of-mind about your loved one’s whereabouts? It’s all possible with PowerTrakker. Detect crashes, track location, monitor battery levels, and set boundaries from anywhere.

Recover Stolen Vehicles in Record Time

There are over 700,000 car thefts each year, and any car can become a target. Most stolen cars are common makes and models like Honda Accords – not luxury brands. 

If your vehicle is stolen, PowerTrakker helps you find and recover it fast. You can disable your vehicle automatically and PowerTrakker will even continue to work if the battery is disconnected.

Protect your Assets and Improve your Bottom Line
with PowerTrakker.

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