Achieve safer, more efficient, and more

profitable operations with PowerTrakker


  • Recover stolen property – track vehicles, kill them remotely, and quickly notify authorities to recover your assets in record time.

  • Enhance safety – be notified immediately in the case of a collision, long-lasting battery continues to work even after the battery fails or is removed, set speed limits (coming soon) around hazards or give overall limits to specific vehicles at any time.

  • Reduce personnel costs – PowerTrakker’s california-based proactive monitoring service operates 24/7. Our experts can contact the vehicle operator to give instructions or take remote action to quickly resolve issues.

  • Improve operations – Vehicle location tracking, integrated supervisor communications, and remote monitoring services mean a more efficient team. 

  • Track vehicles beyond your property – PowerTrakker works anywhere in the world with the latest LTE cellular technology.

  • Increase maintenance efficiency – Keep tabs on vehicle battery levels, vehicle usage time, and use the inventory management features to keep the ideal ratio of available and in-maintenance vehicles.

  • Pay only for what you use – Our variable pricing structure means you only pay for vehicles being actively monitored. Reduce expenses during slow seasons and quickly ramp-up monitoring when needed.

  • Inventory management made easy – See what vehicles are available, their current status, and location. 

  • Portable systems – Use PowerTrakker software on tablets and laptops.

Protect your Assets and Improve your Bottom Line
with PowerTrakker.

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