During the seventh hole of an 18-hole game, two golfers were interrupted by a man with a gun, who stole their golf cart. This man turned out to be Jerome Inman, who is one of three men involved in a car theft. Inman had stolen a car, crashed it, and then ran onto the course looking to “make a faster getaway.” However, he only made it to the next green before he was caught by a deputy coming out of the trees.

Fortunately for the private community golf course, Inman didn’t get too far with the cart before he was caught. It could have easily gone in the other direction, with the cart, and Inman, disappearing. With PowerTrakker, owners can send alerts to golfers to warn them of hazards, remote kill carts, and take remote of the carts when necessary. That way, in the case of a mid-game theft, potential getaway vehicles can be disabled with PowerTrakker.

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